Sunday, September 14, 2014

Science La Quebrada Essay

We went up to La Quebrada and gathered up information regarding the creek's plants and animals. La Quebrada might be destroyed soon due to the no building immunity lifted by the government recently. I am going to show you 3 plants, 3 animals, and 3 trees that I found at the creek.

Retrophyllum Rospigliosii
Quercus Humboldtii
Escallonia Laevis

The Retrophyllum Rospigliosii has a small leaf that is grouped up, and held on by a branch onto another bigger branch that is connected to the main stem. It's habitat has lots of plants and trees surrounding it with leafs on the ground and big stones near it. Quercus Humboldtii has a big leafs that curve a little, with normal width, it's habitat is packed with trees, plants, leafs and big rocks with moss. Escallonia Laevis has medium sized tooth edged leaf with a wider width than normal leafs being a little bit round. It's habitat has lots of different species plants and trees around it.

Eucalyptus Globulus
EscallonĂ­a Paniculata
Barracharis Latifolia

Phylum Annelida

Barracharis Latifolia is a tree that has long sized leafs with normal width, it's habitat has lots of trees and plants near it with rocks and dead leafs on the ground. Eucalyptus Globulus has long skinny and curvy leafs and is really tall when fully grown. EscallonĂ­a  Paniculata has the ends of it's leafs with teeth and other than that looks like a generic leaf, it's habitat has lots of trees around it and some rocks too. Phylum Annelida live under the ground and sometimes under rocks. Araneae live in leafs and have a web under for prey. Aves Live in nests and fly.

In Conclusion the creek's is really important to all living things I found their, if the creek would be destroyed everything will collapse or die.

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  1. Good report, but you need to include some of the results you found in class, that is why we worked on them.