Friday, October 3, 2014

Discussion Questions

1. Why do we as scientist build food webs:
We build food webs to know what animals are that are in a ecosystem is since if you add or remove one animal it will change in a way that can positively and negativity affect it. When we saw the Yellowstone video it showed how if you just change the food web by one animal it will affect the whole entirety of the ecosystem so they added wolfs. The wolfs ate the overpopulated deer so the vegetation grew more since the deer avoided areas and that positively the whole park, that shows that if you add or remove an animal in a ecosystem it could change everything.

2. Give an example of how one change might affect many other parts of an ecosystem:
If mice where removed from a ecosystem the snakes in the area don't have as much food and other prey of snakes will become more hunted since the mice where removed and that prey is hunted by a other animal and they prey becomes extinct since it being hunted too much and that will be a domino
effect that will collapse a ecosystem or will change it greatly.

3.Give an example of how one change in La Quebrada might affect the rest of the ecosystem:
If you start deforesting the trees in La Quebrada birds wont have a place to build nests so they will have to leave or be over crowding trees and with the trees removed they might start building apartments witch will horribly affect all the animals since the noise is too much and they are hurting the ecosystem by removing all the trees and other animal homes like the fishes if the creek gets in their way so the fish wont have a home and if the fish have a predator the predator will be hungry and will leave so the other prey of the predator will become overpopulated and they wont be able to feed themselves so they die of hunger. This is an example of how one change would affect the whole ecosystem.

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