Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Mutalisim - Both benefit

Humans - Dogs

Dogs get food and a shelter and being treated properly
Humans get love from a pet and get to play with them and gets a good mood.

Bee - Flower

The bee gets nectar to make honey.
The flower gets pollen dropped by the bee for reproduction.

Commensalism - One benefits and a other does not but at the same time is not harmed in any way

Frog - Tree

The frog gets shelter from the tree when it rains.

Sharks - Ramore

Ramore stick on to the shark getting free fast transportation food scraps and protection without the shark knowing.

Parasitism - One benefits and the other gets harmed

Bug - Human

The bug takes blood from the human for energy
The human needs blood to survive and might get diseases such as malaria.

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