Friday, June 12, 2015

Natural selection

Barnacle Goose : That you have to have the best physical features that help you survive long falls to be able to live, only the fittest of the species can live to reproduce and have babies with lighter and stronger bones with fluffier bodies to brace upon impact

Arctic Fox : They have to be persistent and have cold tolerance or they wont live, only the toughest will survive and the weak will die, they have to have good cardio or they will not be able to move around, also have a good technique to dive and not hurt themselves

Monday, May 11, 2015

Jaguar evolution

Past : The jaguar comes from the first carnivore on earth called the Miacids so does every other carnivore on the earth now, back when the Bering straight still existed the Asian ancestry of the jaguar crossed it into america, and went down to mexico then to the whole of south america. The jaguar has lots of cousins which are all the carnivores alive today. Jaguars are ancestors of old world cats.  

Present : The jaguar is short & stocky and is able to climb trees swim and crawl, its a stalker hunter so it waits for its prey to get close and then jumps out kills it and eats it. it has a orange-yellow base coat for its fur then has rosettes that are large and black to make it really easy to camouflage in the rain forest since it is so dense in trees and has low light. The jaguar has an extremely powerful mandible enabling it to bite through turtle shells to eat its prey. Jaguars has color morphism so sometimes jaguars wont always be yellow with black spots but will be black morph or be albino, the black morph ones are normally called black panthers but the extremely rare albino ones are sometimes called white panthers.

Future : The future jaguar most likely will get a color morphisim gene to make it dark brown to camouflage into the tree stubs and ruins of the old amazon forest and the black morph gene will become more popular since it will most closely resemble the ruins, the jaguar will become longer in size lighter and will get longer legs, it will get longer paws and wont need to climb trees anymore, it will develop a special respiratory system to cope will the the carbon dioxide emissions the human race created, it will run faster since it cant stalk prey anymore in a open rainforest ruin. It will not swim anymore since all the rivers are too toxic and will kill the jaguar.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Paper airplane

Not all of the Airplanes were the same, some of them had slight difrences or are completley diffrent from the others and have also diffrent porpouses. 
Not all of the offspring survived cause its mostly luck and timing also how you throw the airplane, not even if it was the same exact copy or it has 1 little modification it will still not survive or it will because of luck.
As far as varations of the airplanes the fast ones that work well in no wind enviorments were very prevailant while some just had bad luck and were prefectly fine.
For the place surrouding them the things of outside factors that affected them was the walls of the room, the desks, chairs and any thing classroom related that could affect the flight in a positive or negative way.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Evolution Terms

Isolation is when a subject is put in a place alone without company or any other living object for a long time. A bird by accident flies to the Galapagos and finds none of its usual food so because it was isolated it adapted to the water .

Variation is the differences between something of the same species so example on cockatoo has an extra set of nails from its counter which does not but has an extra long tail.

Adaptation is when a species changes to be fit to its current environment. There is a a bird that adapted to the waters of the Galapagos so it can swim and gets its nutrients.

Selection is when a species gets a favorable trait that helps is survive in its environment. Like a brown fox getting a white fur coat in the arctic helping it camouflage and evade predators.

speciation is when a new species is formed caused by its DNA or environment making it impossible for it to breed with the species it once was. For example at one point the close cousins of the monkeys that would eventually be us speciated and could not breed with monkeys anymore.

Overproduction is when a species has too many off-springs and cannot support them. A zebra group has too much zebras and they start to starve because lack of food but one of the zebras got longer legs so he runs faster and could get to food faster so he survived and passed on the trait but the others died.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Have you ever wondered why when you cut yourself skin regrows. Your answer is.... stem cells, they are unspecialized cells that can turn into any specialized cell in this case a skin cell to regrow skin

People are inclined to like this idea as it can be a great technological leap to reable to grow limbs and important organs in the body e.g. heart, kidneys and lungs. In animals like mice its been able to regrow the top part of fingers on mice according to

Getting stems cells can happen two ways once is getting adult stem cells from the bone marrow and a other is to get them from a embryo and those type of stem cells are called embryonic stem cells and and virtually can grow into any body part such as organs and limbs e.g. arm, torso, heart, brain and the eyes it can be anything but on the other side the adult stem cells can only become specialized stem cells and dont have the same propertys as the other type have according to 

Furthermore stems cells have a great capacity to become anything in the body so if used in a specific way this can be a huge leap in medcine being able to regrow limbs and even organs i belive that this can be very good it might seem unethical but from one point you can let somone live or die and i prefer the first option witch is living. Even without stem cells we wouldn't be able to regrow skin so one little cut can mean dying that shows the importance of these cells.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Summative questions 1

1. Which influences who you are more - your genes (nature), or your environment (nurture)? Give a reason for your answer.

answer: Environment because if you go to a good school you will be very educated and have manners, it also affects your personality if your raised in a family of hooligans you will have a aggressive and mean personality as that is how you where thought how to act it also affects your emotions because if your environment is very happy you will too but if its not you will be depressed and your emotions are how you react to things so if your mad or sad you will most likely respond rude or mean and emotions can mean being happy about yourself or being so sad your contemplating suicide. example: Bob's family is very messed up his did drinks his mom is never home and his brother is doing drugs, bob is very sad so he contemplates suicide.
2. What could happen if DNA does not copy
itself properly?

Answer: if DNA does not copy itself properly you will will get a genetic mutation e.g Cancer, blue eyes, down-syndrome.
A way a gene can mutate is when it copies itself their are 6 in the original one but only 5 are their so because of that you will get a mutation as it was not like that before.

3. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Explain your answers.

Answer: An advantage of sexual reproduction is that you carry the baby inside the womb the whole time so it will be less likely a animal or nature will kill it a other advantage is that their is genetic diversity so if one pathogen comes around it will kill the entire race. A disadvantage is that your stamina is lower as your carrying the offspring so if a tiger is running at the mother it will kill the mother a other disadvantage is that the mother can die giving birth to the offspring unable to feed it milk it will die.

A advantage of Asexual reproduction is that you don't need a partner to make the baby with so you only need 1 to make a colony. A disadvantage is that their is no diversity of the species so if one virus comes along it will wipe out the entire race as they are all identical.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mutations can affect humans in numerous ways it can be good or bad or have no effect at all mutations is when DNA is not copied correctly in mitosis a example of a mutation that can affect is the blue eye mutation where it has no real effect as its just the muscles in the eyes being different colour than normal witch is brown a mutation witch can be positive is getting bigger bones making you bigger and stronger without having to lift weights or anything of that manner, a other way mutations can affect humans is that the rarer it is the more people like it making it a favorable trait like blue eyes so it lives on.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Oreo lab

It is important that each cell copy's itself exactly the same because if they don't their will be a genetic mutation that is really bad and can cause cancer and also cells in your body die every second so you have to make the same or more to live.