Monday, April 20, 2015

Evolution Terms

Isolation is when a subject is put in a place alone without company or any other living object for a long time. A bird by accident flies to the Galapagos and finds none of its usual food so because it was isolated it adapted to the water .

Variation is the differences between something of the same species so example on cockatoo has an extra set of nails from its counter which does not but has an extra long tail.

Adaptation is when a species changes to be fit to its current environment. There is a a bird that adapted to the waters of the Galapagos so it can swim and gets its nutrients.

Selection is when a species gets a favorable trait that helps is survive in its environment. Like a brown fox getting a white fur coat in the arctic helping it camouflage and evade predators.

speciation is when a new species is formed caused by its DNA or environment making it impossible for it to breed with the species it once was. For example at one point the close cousins of the monkeys that would eventually be us speciated and could not breed with monkeys anymore.

Overproduction is when a species has too many off-springs and cannot support them. A zebra group has too much zebras and they start to starve because lack of food but one of the zebras got longer legs so he runs faster and could get to food faster so he survived and passed on the trait but the others died.